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Car Air Purifier,BMA-2203

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  • A.The Function

    1、Activated charcoal:Odor removal
    2、HEPA filter:The H12 Class medical antibacterial HEPA filter,can  remove PM2.5
    5、Negative Ions:Promote Metabolism
    6、Double Blade:Filtration effect is stronger
    6、Air Quality Detection:light bar for air quality
    7、According to the air quality situation, automatically gear speed
    8、Touch Switch
    9、Car Fragrance
    10、Magnetic Switch:Prevent to jam or hurt your figers or hand. 


    B.scope of application



    C.The color of the Display Light can tell you the air qunality at the moment

    RED:worse air condition         

    YELLOW:good air condition       

    Blue:excellent air condition


    D.Qucik Details

    Product color:black

    Applicable modles:universal

    BOCHI ID:BMA-2203

    Fan Speed:2000r/min