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Car Air Purifier,BMA-2201

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    A.The Function

    1、Activated charcoal:Odor removal
    2、HEPA filter:Remove PM2.5
    3、Air Quality Detection:light bar for air quality
    4、With double USB connector, and also charge for mobile phone
    5、5V power supply,directly connect with USB at home

    6、Metal Frame

    B.scope of application


    C.The color of the Display Light can tell you the air qunality at the moment

    RED:worse air condition         

    YELLOW:good air condition,still have light pollution,       

    GREEN:excellent air condition


    D.Qucik Details

    Product color:Black and golden,White and golden,Black and silvery,White and silvery

    Product Weight:235g

    Product Size:120*120*32mm


    Applicable modles:universal

    BOCHI ID:BMA-2201


    Power Consumption:2.5W

    Negative ions output:8millions/cc

    Blowing rate:5.3-15 M3/H

    Filter Size:49*25*19cm