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auto air cleaner 009

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  • auto air cleaner
    Car type Car model Dimensions Voice work Rated wind
    Car/auto air purifier For universal car 278*179*63mm ≤50db(A) 25m3/h
    • Features:
      • Streamline Body, ABS high brightness paint
      • Air quality automatic induction, intelligent frequency operation
      • Dual fan design, powerful
      • Adsorption panel
      • Automatic filter replacement reminder related product
    • Verified information:
      • This information was verified by Bureau Veritas and its Validity Period is 2012/7/11-2013/7/11 This information belows covers both the Gold Supplier and its realated companies which are defined according to China laws and regulations, and which will also be clearlly desplayed in the full report >> Product usage: Car, auto, bus, automobile and office etc.
    • Package details:
      • English language ordinary package (gift box with sponge, EPS or EPE foam, skin packing)
      • Any language OEM or ODM package depends on customer’s requirments
      • Main functions: Advance Active carbon HEPA filter technology HEPA: HEPA (HEPA- high efficiency particulate air) centrally and effectively filter various parcels in air, completely capture minimum to 0.1micron suspended parcels. The filter rate can be up to 99.98%
      • Nanometer Light-accelerant air purification: Use advanced Tio2 light accelerant, faster and more completely decompose harmful volatile organic compounds inside the car , such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOCTotal volatile organic compounds, etc., deodorize unpleasant&am